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A Crooked Man

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I’ve developed a slightly irregular posture, which gives people the impression that I’m always too relaxed. Nothing extraordinary, I just seem to lean back a bit, but it generates an extraordinary response. It all started when I was in high school, it didn’t matter much as everybody seemed to have the same posture but it did trigger my parents. Everyday they comment on it when we cross our paths, hoping for it to just miraculously change. Our society has generated a certain understanding, that they believe tells them everything just by a gaze, called body language. People seem to judge someone by their body and its attributes. It doesn’t matter to me if someone perceives me in a certain way, even if they say it out loud, but for many it does.
With this project I aimed to convey this certain feeling by setting an uneasy tone with slow movement and oddly paced chimes.

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