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Come Sit

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Walking in New York City and just looking around can make you realise the hostile structures meant to disconnect you from the environment. Hostility in so many different forms is present in a person's life and society using it -in the form of architecture- as means to prevent problems that are meant to be solved by them.
This project takes aim at the balance that is needed for the prevention of such hostility and in the form of a bench makes people interact with an object providing a scenario that is possible only under certain circumstances. A person will only be able to sit on the middle component if they have some sort of weight that can withhold their weight, placed on both of the wooden components i.e. Another person.
The bench is the symbol around with the project -Come Sit- revolves around. It is made out of two wooden components and and a weave (wool, jute) in the middle. The aim of the bench is to showcase the requirements to achieve a balance to the entire structure.
The woven part represents the Self and the two wooden parts represent the social and personal aspects of self.

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