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Mixed Media Installation



This is a series of three, developed as a continuum.

The first is a series of seven postcards that address a past version of myself. During Spring of 2021, COVID was on its peak and physical interaction with people was a bare minimum. The only interaction I could see was people waking their dogs, and during that time of emotional detachment, this small interaction gave me comfort.
After coming back to the city in the Fall of 2021, with better circumstances, I observed this interaction again and documented it through pictures.
I wanted to use these pictures as postcards, containing words of assurance, serving as a portal to a version of myself that was in a sense of malaise.
Furthermore, I wanted to disrupt the perfect form of a postcard and make it as a collage from the source pictures to mimic the feeling that I lived during the time it addresses.

Building on from the postcards I wanted to focus on the destination of dogs and dog walkers. I noticed that a dog park is often the destination of these routine walks. In the closed bounds of the park people and dogs both engage with each other and there is a sense of harmony devoid of any restrictions within that area. The artwork displays this unison in form of a Mural. The dog park for larger dogs in Washington Square Park served as the location for the display and chose restrooms next to it became the base for the hypothetical display of my Mural.

The final part of the project focuses on the journey till the park (as a documentation) and the process of engagement in a graphic sense. Using animation to create the act of convergence, the physical subjects turn into an emotion captured inside an envelope, waiting to be sent to those seeking comfort.

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