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Curated Constructs

Project type

Installation, Interactive Film, Game


May 2024

Curated Constructs is a project that focuses on the presence of objects and structures that inherently influence our lives. It tries to reveal a sense of permanence in the presence of these objects through time. This is an interactive installation where the user interacts with a custom dice and views a narrative from a different point of view based on the result of the roll of dice. The on-screen narrative that plays on the embedded monitor of the installation, is an adapted take on the journey of the character based on my findings from surveys that provide an account of the experiences of the participants and the identification of their decision making constructs.

The dice in the installation mimics an object of permanence and confluence, filtering the user through a decision that is based on luck. The shape of the dice gives an illusion of multiple choices - having 32 faces to it but only gives out 4 options that are color coded randomly.

Based on the results of the roll, the user is introduced to the narrative through the lens of one out of the four characters. They then see the narrative through the curated world of that particular character.

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