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Social Self Series

Project Type

Mixed Media


2019 - 2020

Social Self Series

A series of artworks I created after high school portraying my feelings as a part of a social setting at that point.




White watermark on paper(black)


A person is expected to function according to the society. Throughout history we have seen many examples of the most brilliant people of a society being banished. 

People expect a certain set of characteristics from others. 

In a society like this, a person  develops into something he is expected to be and the “want” of that person just stays a desire.

Puppet of palpable present


Photo ink and pen on paper


With increasing population the completion in every field is growing. In the race to come first people sometimes forget their aim and run after the crowd. This leads to a shift from fulling their dreams to being manipulated by others for their own benefit. They forget to stand up for themselves and give in to what seems to be their destiny now.



Acrylic paint on canvas

24x36 in

Self confidence of a person is based on many factors. It majorly includes the family and friend circle of a person. 

A common problem the teens of our generation are facing is the lack of self confidence. Being really conscious about everything about themselves they develop a cloud of  around them.  They crosscheck everything they do and fear bringing their thoughts in front of other people. This kills their potential of doing a task they are good at because of the fear of sharing it with others.

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