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Self Portraits

Project type

Mixed Media


2019 - 2020


Acrylic on white paper
Exposed to the concept of a self-portrait being any artist’s fond, if not favourite piece, I too tried to express myself on one. However, I have captured my face at different angles for an effect of transcendence.
In doing so, I explored a constructive cubism in the breakdown of my appearance to four strata. The first one is me staring at something, and gradually downwards on the rest. I have captured this to depict how angular life can be, and how we should be willing to embrace unpredictability. Life has a surprise at each turn.

Acrylic on Canvas
If there’s one single element which has constantly motivated me throughout, it has to be art. I present my love for art through this piece. It shows me holding my sketchbook within which, a person is painting on a street.
Having had a keen interest in art since my childhood, it has seeped into soul, just like in the layers of this piece. I used clay to make the hands and give it a tactile, realist texture.

In 5 years...
Pencil on paper
"In 5 years, I’d be sitting alone in a bar, totally broke, trying to figure out what went wrong."
Thinking about what I’d be in 5 years, I was greeted by uncertainty. Over a span of 5 years I believe anything can happen, that's why I chose to make a Self portrait on a scenario that brings out this fear of things not working out they way I want it to. Giving a face to this possibility that nobody wants to associate(or even thinks about) to when asked about future plans, is a reminder to work for a life where this won't be possible.

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